Best Dry Bag/Tow Float Guide for Every Type of Swimmer

Which Tow Float or Dry Bag you need really depends on what type of outdoor swimmer you are. 

Here at Swim Secure we have something for every type of swimmer:​​​​​

THE WILD SWIMMER  Loves getting away from it all for an adventure!

If staying safe in a remote environment is important then waterproof storage is essential to keep kit safe and dry. The Wild Swim Bag acts as both comfortable backpack and towable safety buoy, and converts from one to the other simply by removing the straps.

Wild Swim Bag


Our fully waterproof, IPX8 rated Bum Bags (black, orange and pink) are ideal for remote adventures, while the Adventure Lights add extra safety and visibility in hostile environments.

THE NEWBIE  Has recently taken up open water swimming and is loving it!

We have everything a new swimmer could need.  A high visibility float, waterproof bum bag, swimming cap, safety whistle and waterproof phone bag.


Tow Float, Bum Bag and Luxury Bobble Hat


Our specially designed FotoFlex PLUS Goggles are made for open water, with photochromatic lenses that adjust to the light conditions and an extra-wide field of vision for sighting in exposed water.

fotoflex googles


THE COMPETITIVE SWIMMER  Love competitions, training and going fast!

​​​​​​​For the performance and fitness focused swimmer being able to access hydration and nutrition during training is essential. The Hydration Float is specially designed to hold a standard 750ml water bottle and has room for nutritional gels to be safely stowed inside too.

Hydration Float


Another great option is the Tow Float Elite which features a handy mesh pocket on the outside for nutrition bars and gel sticks, and also acts as a way to store empty wrappers. 

Tow Float Elite


THE COLD WATER HERO  Likes nothing more than when the water temperature hits single digits!

Warm up the ice swimmer in your life with something designed to increase core temperature after a swim. After-drop is the biggest risk involved in cold water swimming, so try the Vacuum Insulated Flask for a much-needed post swim hot drink.

Vacuum Insulated Flask


A change robe is a life saver in the colder months, and the Selkie Recycled Change Robe not only looks good, it’s great for the planet. It is made from recycled plastic bottles and features warm, cosy sherpa fleece lining to raise core temperature quickly. The roomy robe means you can get changed while wearing it.


Selkie Change Robe


THE SOCIAL SWIMMER  Swimming is important, but so is a coffee, cake and a chat afterwards!

Open water swimming is all about community. Our range of Dry Bags not only mean you can take your kit with you when you swim, but being that bit bigger they are perfect for grabbing on to for a mid-swim chat. As a guide, the 28L version is big enough for most standard swimmer’s kit, and comes in orange, pink or vibrant citrus!

Pink Dry Bag



The Multi-use Waterproof Bag has space for a smart phone, credit cards and even a small set of keys. The bag is tested to IPX8 rating which means it is waterproof and suitable for prolonged periods of immersion.

Multi-Use Waterproof Bag


Our funky pink and navy blue Microfibre Towels pack a lot of towel into a small space. These full size beach towels fold up small for inclusion in dry bags, while being super absorbent and quick drying.


Microfibre Pink Towel


The virtually indestructible Adventure Lights should be part of every swimmers kit. They attach to Swim Secure tow floats and dry bags, have a battery life of up to 250 hours and can be taken down to 100m depth (not recommended!). If that wasn’t enough, the flashing light is visible from up to 5km away.

Adventure Lights


Stay visible in the water with the best-selling Bubble Swim Hat. The retro design not only stands out in the water, but the extra thickness makes the hats extra insulating in cooler water, while the soft silicone material means they stretch over long hair or larger heads.

bubble swim hat

Taking a smart phone swimming? Don’t forget to bag it up in a Protective Phone Bag before going near the water. Designed to keep phones safe from water and condensation when used within Swim Secure products, or in wet conditions out of the water.

Ear Plugs are an essential kit of kit, especially in cooler months when ear infections are more common. These silicone ear plugs are gentle on the ear, non-intrusive and easy to use. They come in a handy re-useable case which cuts down the risk of losing them.

Now you have the right kit for you take a look at our outdoor swimming Safety Guides for every type of open water.  Click here to read. 

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