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Swimming under a Full Moon

For open water swimmers, it's an invitation to experience the ethereal beauty of a moonlit swim. The night sky, the gentle lapping of water, and the shimmering reflection of the moon create a surreal and unforgettable swim. However, safety should always remain a top priority when embarking on such journeys in the dark. 

Firstly embrace the enchantment. There's something uniquely enchanting about taking a plunge under a full moon's radiant gaze. The water's surface shimmers like liquid silver, and the world feels hushed and still. It's an experience that many open water swimmers cherish, and rightly so. However, such moments of enchantment are best enjoyed when you've taken the necessary safety precautions.

Safety Kit Essentials:

1. Make yourself visible in the water by attaching an Adventure Light to your tow float and the back of your swim cap. This ensures you can be seen by fellow swimmers and, if necessary, any nearby boats.

2. A brightly coloured Tow Float and Dry Bag. It helps you stay visible together with the Adventure Light attached to it.

3. A Safety Whistle is a simple yet effective tool for alerting others to your presence or signalling for help in case of emergencies.  

4. A brightly coloured Swim Cap: Opt for a swim hat that is highly coloured, which can catch and reflect light, enhancing your visibility in the water.

5. Whenever possible, swim with a companion or have a safety crew onshore. This ensures that help is nearby in case of any unexpected situations.

6. Familiarise yourself with your chosen route before swimming at night. Know the currents, entry and exit points, and any potential hazards.

7. Be aware of and adhere to any local regulations or restrictions related to open water swimming. Check whether nighttime swimming is permitted and if there are any specific guidelines to follow.

Moonlit swims can be truly enchanting, providing an otherworldly connection to the water and the night sky. However, safety should always be a constant companion on your nocturnal aquatic adventures. With the right safety kit and precautions in place, you can relish the magic of night open water swimming under the full moon while staying secure and serene throughout your journey. So, gear up, follow the guidelines, and savor the enchantment of swimming under the moonlight.

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