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Tow Float Pro
Tow Float Pro

Tow Float Pro

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  • Keeps groups visible in open water
  • Perimeter grab rope to assist others
  • Dual airbag system for additional safety
  • Lightweight - little to no drag
  • One way valves
  • Size deflated - 48cm x 32cm
  • Belt length - 58cm to 108cm / 23” to 42”

This product may be supplied with a black or a pink waist belt.

The larger Tow Float PRO is perfect for open water swimming where extra visibility is critical. Larger than the classic Tow Float, the PRO features a perimeter grab rope making this float ideal for pairs or groups. The hydrodynamic shape minimises drag while optimising lateral visibility.

The Tow Float PRO has two separate inflation chambers for added safety in the unlikely event that one fails while in use.

Includes a leash and waist strap which is adjustable. Use the back of the valve cap to deflate.

PLEASE NOTE: The design has been updated. The carabiner clip shown in the images is no longer included, and the leash attaches to the perimeter rope by a loop, allowing the float to settle in the most hydrodynamic position behind the swimmer. 

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