Kit Needed for Open Water Swimming

You don't need a lot of gear for open water swimming but for comfort and safety reasons we have listed below the kit we think you need to make the best of your experience in the water.

1.    Goggles - a comfortable pair of goggles are a must-have piece of open water swimming kit. Ideally for wild swimming its best if your lenses are wider than pool goggles to make sighting easier.  

The Swim Secure FotoFlex PLUS Goggles have been specially developed to be the only open water swimming goggles you will ever need. The photochromatic lenses adjust to the light conditions - darker in bright sun and clear under gloomier skies.

2.  A Tow float or dry bag is essential to keep you seen in the water. The brightly coloured floats are attached to swimmers' waists and float behind them making the swimmer more visible to other water users and also to people on the shore. Because they are bags of air means they do not drag and also they can be held on to if you need a rest.   Dry bags double up as storage for clothes, mobile phones, medicine, shoes, etc. Ideal for if your entering and exiting the water at different places. 

3.  High visibility swimming cap - This is also to make you highly visible in open water but also protects your hair from chemicals, keeping hair out of your face and can streamline your swim more.  Our Bubble Swim Cap with it's silicone bubble design gives added insulation in cooler water. They are also ideal for swimmers with longer hair.  

4.  Ear Plugs - often thought not necessary but are effective in decreasing ear infections.  It also keeps cold water out of the ear canal and can therefore make you feel warmer. 

 5.  A change robe is ideal for keeping you warm and cosy before your swim and also helps decrease any chance of after-drop after your swim.   They are also brilliant for getting changed under too. 

Change robe

If you don't fancy a Change Robe in the summer then a microfibre towel is always a great alternative as they take up less space in your bag but dry you quickly. 

 microfibre towel

With your kit now sorted click on our Open Water Safety Guides for guidance on how to swim in different types of open water. 

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