Her Spirit - Winter Swim Challenge

A couple of blogs from the Her Spirit Winter Swim Challenge swimmers of the month. 


I first became aware of Her Spirit when Gillian posted about an open water taster session at Spring Lakes. 2020 and 2021 had left me battered and bruised and I needed to try something different so I gave it a go. Little did I know at that point what an amazing community I was joining! 

Her Spirit Winter Swim Challenge

Her Spirit is so supportive and has got me signing up for challenges I would never have dreamed of doing even 4 months ago. The encouragement and friendship is invaluable, combined with great advice and information.

I am really proud to say on the Winter Swim Challenge I managed to swim 21 days out of January.  I originally signed up for 220 minutes of winter swimming but became so addicted I had to increase my target to 2500 minutes!

I swim about 4 times a week now and love it. To misquote Blur and Parklife “it gives me a sense of enormous wellbeing”

Most of my friends think I’m crazy but the cold water is just the very best reset button for me. I totally get what Cath Pendleton means now about the colder the better, though I definitely have no Antarctic plans 😉.

Thank you so much everyone for inspiring me ❤️

Swim Secure Dry Bag Window

In completing this Winter Swim Challenge Sally received "Swim Secure Member of the month goodie pack" including a Dry Bag Window - well done Sally. 


Before joining I tried to keep myself to myself thinking that sharing time with others would put more pressure on me to achieve and get that goal. Rightfully this was a chaotic way and led to a lot of frustration, negativity and a loss of enjoyment.
Her Spirit has given me hope and clarity in this chaotic world…time to step back and say it’s ok. As the saying goes in life it’s not where you go - it’s who goes with you.
Her Spirit has given me that skill “living in that moment”  as a spirit among likeminded souls without judgement sharing the laughter & realising you are safe with this friendship💕


I discovered Her Spirit when I was in quite a low place, struggling with menopause, stress and anxiety and a diagnosis of osteoarthritis.
I’ve received encouragement and support to try open water swimming throughout the winter, first in my wetsuit, but then in February in skins thanks to the brilliant work Her Spirit have done with Zoggs with their silver lined swim suits.
This swimming in cold water, and connecting with other women through Her Spirit, has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence. Her Spirit supports women from all backgrounds to become the healthiest version of themselves in both body and mind. The women I’ve met are all brilliant, inspiring, and resilient and they inspire me to be the best version of myself. 

If you want to find out more about Her Spirit you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook - "Together We've Got This ..."

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