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A Quick Safety Guide for a Christmas Day and New Year's Swim

Thinking of a Christmas Day or New Year Day Dip this year?

You can take part in one at your local lido, the sea, a lake or the river but be sure to do it safely even if it is just a dip. 

Tips for a safe dip: 

  1. Try to join a festive dip at a local venue that is patrolled. Take a look at Facebook, Outdoor Swimmer Magazine Venues or local swimming clubs.
  2. If not patrolled then swim with a buddy – make sure you share these tips with them too.
  3. Have your clothes ready in the order you will put them on when you get out.
  4. Enter the water slowly and feet first as you will automatically gasp. Getting into the cold water too quickly can result in reduced blood flow to your limbs and an automatic increase in your breathing rate.
  5. Make sure you are visible, which will be an absolute given in your amazing Christmas outfits, but a brightly coloured hat and tow float is also a must. Not only will you be seen, the tow float will give you something to hold on to if you get into difficulty.
  6. If you haven’t been open water swimming since last Christmas then make sure it’s a quick dip! Your body will still receive that magic buzz.
  7. Dry off and put your clothes on quickly afterwards. The afterdrop can hit you around 10 minutes after coming out of the water so make sure you are wrapped up by then. A bobble hat and thick socks is an absolute must.
  8. Warm up slowly – Sal Minty-Gravett and most experts would say not to drive until you have fully warmed up. A warm drink and cake helps with this.
  9. And most of all enjoy.  Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎄


bobble hat and neoprene swim cap