Juliet Turnbull - Swimwear Designer and Outdoor Swimmer

Inspired by being in and around water. Total immersion in nature is one of her favourite things in life.

Juliet Turnbull

Cold water has helped Juliet deal with ongoing physical health issues, which in turn affects her mental health.

Juliet uses the power of cold water to overcome anxieties, build body confidence, help heal her body and share the swimming experience with others.

20 years of living on the River Thames has given her the opportunity to learn a great amount about reading water and how to swim in it in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

One of Juliet’s proudest achievements is that she has swum the entire length of the non tidal River Thames.

Juliet also takes a huge amount of inspiration for her artwork from water, wildlife and swimming. With this she designs a wide range of products including quirky bright fabric designs for swimwear.

Now living in Wales and looking forward to many adventures to come.


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