Colin Hill - Founder and Ambassador of Swim Secure

Colin Hill is the founder of the Swim Secure™ brand and has played a key role in designing many of the Swim Secure™ products.

Colin is an experienced and passionate open water swimming race organiser. In 2012 Colin was the Technical Operations Manager for the Olympic Marathon Swimming event.  He has been inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and has been honoured by the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his ‘Contribution to Marathon Swimming’.

Swim Serpentine

His work in promoting open water swimming has included training up Blue Peter Presenters for a cold water swim, looking after Jo Whiley for a Sports Relief Challenge and helping Idris Elba in a TV show which used open water swimming to provide training for the TV participants.


As well as working full time in open water development and event management Colin is a passionate swimmer. He is a successful English Channel Soloist (10 hrs 30 mins), and has competed in swim events around the world. Colin is former World and UK Age Group World Champion for 450m Cold Water Swimming, and Colin became the first UK male to officially complete an Ice Mile.  Colin lives next to Ullswater in the Lake District and coaches and guide swimming in the lake year round through his business Ullswater Swim Place.

You can watch more of Colin via his YouTube channel "Swimming With Colin" or follow him on his Instagram or Facebook page.  If you would like to know more about coaching or guided swims and/or are interested in open water swimming lessons in his endless pool go to Ullswater Swim Place