A vital piece of equipment if you’re wild swimming and want to take some essentials with you as well as be ‘seen’. You just don’t feel it when you’re swimming and everything inside stays 100% dry. I have the 20l version and it comfortably holds keys, phone, drinks (small flask), food and foil blankets. Surpassed my best expectations - will never go out without it again.
— Mary, Rutland, UK
I recently used a tow donut while open water swim training at Playa Herradura, Costa Rica. I love it because I was able to carry gels and my gopro within tow bag pouch. My family, (who stayed on the shore) were able to keep track of me all the time.
— Franklin Garcia, San José, Costa Rica
I use my dry bag when river swimming and can fit all my kit in it. I don’t even notice it while swimming and would certainly recommend it...you may want a bigger one if you have a lot of clothes! I love it - great product!
— Dawn, Norfolk, UK
One of those bits of kit that just becomes second nature, like a bike helmet! Great bit of kit for open water swimming.
— Jonathan, Surrey, UK
Great to use with kids when swimming outdoors. I can spot them easily and they can have a rest on their tow-float without hanging onto me!
— Nikki, Switzerland
This video was shown at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival and was put together by Holly and Flo, two pupils at from Leven Valley Primary School in Cumbria, after participating in an open water swimming course organised by Cumbrian company, Waterwise. The head teacher, has introduced open water swimming into the curriculum at their school!
Testimonial logos-02.jpg
I can absolutely endorse the tow-floats on behalf of NOWCA, they bring about a vital addition to safety for all variety of open water swimmers who we see at NOWCA lakes
— National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA)
Swim Safety testimonial.jpg
Having seen the tow-floats in action at the Chillswim Coniston event for the past three years, I highly recommend these from a water safety point of view, as swimmers are highly visible to the water safety team
— Swim Safety, Event Water Safety Management & Consultancy
LDNP Testimonial
The Lake District National Park Swim Safety Code recommends a bright hat as the number one priority, followed by a tow-float, to be a visible and responsible open water swimmer
— Lake District National Park, Cumbria, UK