What size Dry Bag do I need?

Our Dry Bags come in four sizes from 20 litre up to 50 litre. All Swim Secure products are designed to be easily towed, and the larger bags do not produce significantly more drag even when full.

The following is what we were able to fit in the various sized Dry Bags when we tested capacity.

20L Dry Bag Contents.jpg

20 Litre dry bag - small

Our smallest Dry Bag is perfect for taking the essentials with you on your swim.

In our test we could fit in flip flops, a micro towel, t-shirt, shorts, keys, sunglasses and phone.

28L Dry Bag Contents.jpg

28 Litre dry bag - medium

The medium Dry Bag is our most popular size and combines increased capacity with a slim profile in the water.

When tested the bag could easily handle flip flops, a micro-towel, t-shirt, shorts, running top, thermos flask, keys, sunglasses and phone

35L Dry Bag Contents.jpg

35 litre dry bag - large

Taking bulkier kit on your swim is easy with our large Dry Bag. The 35 litre capacity gives plenty of space for larger items for longer adventure swims.

During testing the bag comfortably took running shoes, a micro-towel, t-shirt, running top, hiking trousers, water bottle, thermos flask, keys, sunglasses and phone

50L Dry Bag Contents.jpg
Wild Swim Bag Contents.jpg

50 litre dry bag - extra large

Our extra large Dry Bag is perfect for families and groups looking to take all their kit in one. The massive 50 litre capacity ensures there is room for all your kit and supplies, and the increase in size and buoyancy makes this the perfect Dry Bag to share.

We managed to easily carry hiking boots, rain coat, hiking trousers, t-shirt, running top, micro-towel, thermos flask, water bottle, keys, sunglasses and phone.


30 litre wild swim bag

The versatile Wild Swim Bag has 30 litres of storage capacity, making it light when carried while still having space for your adventure essentials.

For our test we comfortably carried hiking boots, hiking trousers, DSLR camera, t-shirt, rain coat, micro-towel, water bottle, keys, sunglasses and phone.