“One of those bits of kit that just becomes second nature, like a bike helmet! Great bit of kit for open water swimming". - Jonathan, Surrey, UK


Tow Floats are perfect for making you more visible in open water where there are boat users.  They are also ideal when swimming in groups so you can be seen from the shore and by fellow swimmers.

A Tow Float will also easily take an adults weight if you need to stop for a rest or admire the scenery.

The Tow Float is pulled behind you on a short leash attached to a waist belt. The leash is designed so that the Tow Float is out of range of arms and legs during your swim. The lightweight design of the Tow Float produces virtually zero drag and most swimmers don’t notice that they are towing one.


We have developed a range of Tow Floats that equip swimmers with the features you need whatever your ambition. The Tow Float and Tow Float Pro are ideal for visibility, while the Tow Donut and Hydration Float also allow you to take essential kit on your swim.

dry bags

Our specially designed range of Dry Bags allow you to take your kit with you while you swim, opening up a world of adventures and opportunities.

The Dry Bags have two inflatable chambers and a fold down seal at the top. Your kit is safe and dry and the bag floats behind while you swim.


Our Dry Bags are available in four sizes from the smaller 20 litre up to the extra large 50 litre.

All sizes are available in our signature orange, with the 28 Litre Medium Dry Bag also available in eye-catching pink.

Our Wild Swim Bag doubles as a strong backpack, allowing you to keep your kit safe and dry over any terrain.

bags and accessories

To keep your belongings safe we have developed a triple seal waterproof bum bag and waterproof phone bag. Great for keeping your belongings dry in the water or for added peace of mind when storing phones or electronic keys in other Swim Secure products.

Our Bubble Swim Hats are textured to give added heat retention in cooler water, while our Safety Whistle is an essential addition to any expedition.