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oceanman world championship partnership

Swim Secure are delighted to be partners with Oceanman. 

The Oceanman World Championship Series take place in 16 countries and is one of the largest open water swimming championships in the world.

Swim Secure dual branded Tow Floats and Marker Buoys will be used across all 16 countries’ courses.  The 2019 season starts in Mexico in March and ends in Dubai in December. 

The specially commissioned Tow Floats will be used in all Oceanman adult races to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Swim Secure will also be supplying the Tow Woggle for Oceankids races. The Tow Woggle was developed exclusively by Swim Secure and gives children and those new to open water swimming extra confidence and support.

The partnership allows Swim Secure to take our water safety message to a global audience.

Click here to read Simon Griffiths’ (Outdoor Swimmer) Blog on his swim race at Oceanman Turkey.

You can register now for Oceanman World Championship Series' races on their website.