A selection of frequently asked questions about setting up and using Swim Secure products.

If you can’t find the answer you need below please get in touch using info@swimsecure.co.uk

How do I deflate my Swim Secure product? 

To deflate Tow Floats or Dry Bags use the top of the cap to press on the top of the valve. We find this works best at a 45 degree angle. To deflate the black Boston valve on the Pink Dry Bag and Wild Swim Bag unscrew the entire valve clockwise until the air is released.

How do I attach the waist belt and leash? 

Loop the leash back on itself through the bottom handle of the Tow Float or Dry Bag, as per the diagram. Put the waist belt through the loop at the other end of the leash. The waist belt can be adjusted by sliding the buckle. 

Will my tow float get in the way while I swim? 

Swim Secure products are designed to float behind the swimmer, out of the way of arms and legs. Strong winds may cause a Tow Float or Dry Bag to be blown towards the swimmer. In windy conditions we recommend swimming into the wind to avoid the Tow Float interfering with your stroke.

What kind of drag do Swim Secure products create?

All Swim Secure Tow Floats and Dry Bags are designed to give minimal drag. Even the larger Dry Bags produce a surprisingly small amount of drag, and generally you won't even realise that the bag or float is there. 

How waterproof are swim secure products? 

Swim Secure products are designed to be waterproof at surface pressure. Dry Bags should be folded over at least three times to the level shown on the back of the bag. The three seals on the Bum Bags and Phone Bags should be individually closed and the flap secured by the velcro. If you are storing your phone or electronic car keys in a Tow Donut or Dry Bag we recommend placing it in a Swim Secure Phone Bag first for added peace of mind and as an extra layer of protection. 

How do I close my dry bag? 

The golden rule with closing your Dry Bag is to fold the seal over three times. There is an indicator on the back of the bag showing how far down to fold the seal. If you are storing your phone or electronic car keys in your dry bag then we recommend placing them inside a Swim Secure Phone Bag first for added peace of mind. 

How should I store my Swim Secure product? 

Rinse your product with fresh water after every swim and make sure it has completely dried out. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. 

How can I dispose of my Swim Secure product? 

Your Swim Secure product has been built to last and should function for many years. How you dispose of your product will depend on what services are available in your area, as the provision of plastic recycling varies between different local authorities across the UK. Swim Secure products are either made from 100% PVC or from a PVC/vinyl mix - please check to see if your Council is able to recycle this type of plastic, and please dispose of your old tow float responsibly.