Swim Secure joins forces with STA to share Water Safety Message

We are delighted to announce our corporate partnership with STA’s International Learn to Swim Week 2019 and Water Safety Squad initiative.

 STA are an International and registered charity who work towards their charitable objective: ‘The preservation of human life through the teaching of swimming and lifesaving’. 

 Their successful International Learn to Swim Week campaign promotes the importance of learning to swim, no matter age, ability or location. In support of this, [name of organisation] want to help encourage people of all backgrounds to get in the pool and open the door to a wealth of water skills.

 Following a nation-wide search in 2018, STA has chosen 5 amazingly diverse young people to be the voices and forefront of their Water Safety Squad. Each individual has their own unique story to share.

 Let’s meet them …

Annie Ramsey.jpg

 Annie Ramsay – Aged 12 years from Chorley

After losing her brother to drowning in 2011, Annie is naturally very passionate about water safety.  Annie has watched, learned and participated in events to raise awareness surrounding water safety for Doing it for Dylan. Last year she walked Pen y Fan in Wales and raised around £300 towards emergency combination locked throw line stations. 

Annie struggled to get in to the water after losing her brother but she pushed herself at school and in her own time, learned to swim and overcome her fear of water.


See what Annie has to say here https://www.sta.co.uk/water-safety-squad/

Cori Mcnamara.jpg

Cori McNamara – Aged 8 years from Halifax

Cori is a cheeky chappie who has been through a lot in his short life, namely major heart surgery.  But he is not fazed, he simply gets up and gets on with it - he has such a positive energy and bubbly personality.  He loves swimming too, and more importantly it helps him with his pain and muscles from hypo mobility. 


See what Cori says here https://www.sta.co.uk/water-safety-squad/


Laila Dore.jpg

Laila Dore – Aged 10 years from Nottingham

Laila has been swimming since she was very 4 and is very water confident – she loves nothing more than diving under and splashing around.

Laila understands the importance of learning to swim, but she says its also fun and helps to keep healthy and fit!  Thanks to learning how to swim, she has a great time playing with her family and friends in the pool and while on holiday. 


Read Laila’s story here https://www.sta.co.uk/water-safety-squad/


Meghan Willis.jpg

Meghan Willis – Aged 11 years from Henllys, Torfaen

Meghan has an amazing passion and enthusiasm for swimming and safety in the water.

She was born with no right hand and a partial right forearm – as a result her parents enrolled her into swimming lessons for the sole purpose of ensuring she was safe.  Little did her parents know that this was the start of an amazing journey for Meghan.


Meghan joined Torfaen Dolphins Performance Squad and since June 2017 has been classified as an S9 paraswimmer. She also attended 3 Para National Events, winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the 10-13 year age group.


She has also been selected by the Welsh Para Skills Academy squad, and in September of last year became the youngest person selected for the British Para Academy squad 2018. In December at the National Para Swimming Championships, Meghan won two Gold and 2 Silver medals.


See what Meghan says here https://www.sta.co.uk/water-safety-squad/


Kyren Williams.jpg

Kyren Williams – Aged 7 years from Ipswich

In just 18 months, Kyren transformed from a child who was terrified of going into the pool without his arm bands as well as a rubber ring and woggle, to a keen, passionate swimmer and a member of Ipswich triathlon club.  Through his dedication and determination, he positively shows all the exciting options that are available to youngsters once they’ve overcome their fear - how learning to swim opens up new exciting possibilities; from club swimming, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing and in Kyren’s case’ Triathlon.

Kyren tells his story here https://www.sta.co.uk/water-safety-squad/

Join the Movement and Be the Change

Could you change the lives of adults and children alike who suffer anxiety entering a pool environment? Last year, STA found over 25% of parents and 1 in 3 children (0–16 years) could not swim.

With a lack of opportunities to explore swimming for enjoyment, to learn vital life skills and water safety education, children grow up unable to support themselves in dangerous situations.

We need your help to make a change.

Give your local community a chance to experience and find comfort in your valuable swimming lessons and leisure facilities. Take part in STA’s International Learn to Swim week and access free resources and ideas created from STA’s expert aquatics team. You will have everything you need to get involved in STA’s International Learn to Swim Week 2019.

Who Can Take Part?

·         Swimming teachers

·         Swim schools

·         Swim Academies

·         Scout leaders

·         School teachers

·         Simply, anyone!


Give your community the best lesson in life by taking part today